Big Bang – Cafe [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

[Daesung] [G-Dragon] [Taeyang] [TOP] [Seungri]
[TOP] I remember
when you walked through that door
Sat down on that chair
The times we shared
But you’ve been here 
네가 앉아있던 그 하얀 의자만이
[G-Dragon] nega anjaitdeon geu hayan uijamani

네 향기를 기억하고
ne hyanggireul gieokhago

네가 떠난 후로 차가운 정적만이
nega tteonan huro chagaun jeongjeongmani

널 기다리고 있는 작은 카페
neol gidarigo inneun jageun kape

[GD] Only the chair I sat in
remembers my scent
After you left cold silence,
A small café that is waiting for you More


Big Bang – Haru haru (Day by Day) [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

This song is taken from Big Bang 3rd mini album (Stand Up) which was released on 2008. Check this out!

[GD] Tteonaga
Yeah, finally I realize, that I’m nothing without you
I was so wrong, forgive me

[SeungRi] Ah ah ah ah~
Yeah 파도처럼 부숴진 내 맘
[TOP] Padocheoreom buswojin nae mam

바람처럼 흔들리는 내 맘
[GD] Baramcheoreom heundeullineun nae mam

연기처럼 사라진 내 사랑
[TOP] Yeongicheoreom sarajin nae sarang

문신처럼 지워지지 않아\
[GD] Munsincheoreom jiwojiji ghana

한숨만 땅이 꺼지라 쉬죠
[TOP] Hansumman ttangi kkeojira swijyo

내 가슴속에 먼지만 쌓이죠 (say goodbye)
[GD] Nae gaseumsoge meonjiman ssahijyo (say goodbye)

[GD] Like the tides my heart is broken
[TOP] Like the wind my heart is shaking
[GD] Like the smoke my love faded away
[TOP] It never erases like a tattoo
[GD] I sigh deeply and the ground shakes
[TOP] My heart is full of dust (say goodbye) More

Big Bang – Tell Me Goodbye [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

This track was made for IRIS’ Japanese OST on 2010. All five members of Big Bang looked more mature in this dark and gloomy MV. Love the vintage looks, esp TOP with his new grey hair (and the vintage looking glasses)! ❤ ❤ ❤

[G-Dragon] Letting you go…(here’s somebody…)
Letting you go…(here’s somebody…)
Yo I got this, yeah
still thinking about this thing alot
you got me shaken up
(Please tell me there’s a way)
And it got my head just spinnin’ round round round round
(Please tell me there’s a way)
Don’t wanna take a fall
It’s best to break it up
It’s gonna be better for you, move on
(Please tell me there’s a way)
Uh huh we break it break it
Or thought we make it make it
And now we cover it up 
Girl I swear 君の事を一秒でも
[TaeYang] Girl I swear kimi no koto wo ichibyou demo

Kanashimasenai yakusoku

Mamoru tame ni wa mo moukoreshika

Erabu michi wa nai kara

[TY] Girl, I swear I won’t even for a second
Cause you any pain
In order to protect you
Because there’s no other way More

Big Bang – Tonight [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

Big Bang is back after nearly two years of hiatus! This MV was released on February 2011. TOP has never been sexier! ❤

[GD] Tonight such a beautiful night
sing with me now 2011 follow me
Big Bang Big Bang
we’re back again one more time say
no way no way
너무 쉽게 또 남이 돼
neomu swipge tto nami dwae
(we become strangers again so easily)
[TOP] Big Bang Big Bang
don’t stop let’s play
ok ok go go go
나 미칠 것 같애
[GD] na michil geot gatae

아마 지친 것 같애 (왜)
ama jichin geot gatae (wae)

아냐 질린 것 같애
anya jillin geot gatae

벌써 따분해 시시해
beolsseo ttabunhae sisihae

한 여자로는 만족
han yeojaroneun manjok

못 하는 bad boy but I’m nice
mot haneun bad boy but I’m nice

안 넘어가고는 못 배길걸
an neomeogagoneun mot baegilgeol

let me blow ya mind More

Big Bang – Love Song [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

I love Big Bang!! This is one of my favorite song from Big Bang, called “Love Song”.

Until recently, I only thought Korean boybands as teenage idols. But after I watched this video, I fell in love right away with them! It is a mixed of R&B, hip hop and rap, with some touch of pop style too, but with unique combination and high quality voice material too. Love it!! ❤

한 여자가 멀어져가
[TOP] han yeojaga meoreojyeoga

남자는 노래 부르지만
namjaneun norae bureujiman

눈물이 나는걸 이별이란
nunmuri naneungeol ibyeoriran

널 만질수가 없는걸 I know yeah eh
[DaeSung] neol manjilsuga eomneungeol I know yeah eh

떨어지는 날 잡아줘 Hello
tteoreojineun nal jabajwo Hello

[TOP] One woman is becoming disaster
Even though a man is still singing
I’m tearing up at the thought of break up
[DS] I can’t touch you, I know yeah eh
I’m falling, catch me (hello) More