Love Song – Best Music Video at 2011 MAMA

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Big Bang – Love Song [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

I love Big Bang!! This is one of my favorite song from Big Bang, called “Love Song”.

Until recently, I only thought Korean boybands as teenage idols. But after I watched this video, I fell in love right away with them! It is a mixed of R&B, hip hop and rap, with some touch of pop style too, but with unique combination and high quality voice material too. Love it!! ❤

한 여자가 멀어져가
[TOP] han yeojaga meoreojyeoga

남자는 노래 부르지만
namjaneun norae bureujiman

눈물이 나는걸 이별이란
nunmuri naneungeol ibyeoriran

널 만질수가 없는걸 I know yeah eh
[DaeSung] neol manjilsuga eomneungeol I know yeah eh

떨어지는 날 잡아줘 Hello
tteoreojineun nal jabajwo Hello

[TOP] One woman is becoming disaster
Even though a man is still singing
I’m tearing up at the thought of break up
[DS] I can’t touch you, I know yeah eh
I’m falling, catch me (hello) More