49 Days – Review

“Human beings’ hearts change…that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding.” – Sexy Scheduler

Cute Scheduler ^o^

I watched this drama purely because I’m interested to the story plot. I intended not to read any review beforehand so I didn’t set any expectation whatsoever. But it turns out to be AWESOME!

This drama is about the life (or should I say nearly afterlife) of two young women which happens to collide supernaturally. Shin Ji-hyun (actress – former singer Nam Gyu-ri), who lives seemingly perfect life, is going to be married in a week to Kang Min-ho (actor Bae Soo-bin). While Song Yi-kyung (actress Lee Yo-won) is a desperate young woman, who wants to end her life desperately. Their two different worlds collide when Song Yi-kyung try to commit suicide, hence resulting car accident to Shin Ji-hyun and make her falls into vegetative state.

However, Angel of Death (or in his own term, Scheduler) (actor Jung Il-woo) gives Shin Ji-hyun a second chance. She could continue her life if she can collect three ‘pure’ tears from her friends (family are excluded). Ji-hyun is allowed to borrow Yi-kyung’s body for 49 days (in order to collect those tears) without revealing her true identity.

The Funky Scheduler

While Ji-hyun makes every endeavor to gain her life (or body?) back, she founds out cruel truth about Kang Min-ho and her best friend, Shin In-jung (actress Seo Ji-hye), who are having affair behind her back all this time. More