City Hunter: My Favorite K-Drama of 2011, yet!

Now I know what well-directed drama means (I’m so in love with PD Jin Hyuk!). Love this drama tone, love how it looks (I don’t even talk about Lee Min-ho!), love the story, love the conflicts, love the love rhombus!

Usual love rhombus: boring! Love rhombus with two hot men who are ready to kill each other with their cold piercing eyes: SUPER HOT!

Revenge for someone who hurts your family: a big NO NO. Vengeance for bad people who sacrifice weaklings for their own pleasure: OH YES I’m really buying it! This is what East of Eden should be like! I’m so glad that the tone becomes lighter when Lee Min-ho joins the cast, it suits him perfectly. More


City Hunter – First Impression

Now I present you… *drum rolls* the most awaited drama of the year (my version): City Hunter *yay!

When I watched the first episode I was quite surprised by the drama tone (my habit of not knowing anything before watching is quite useful I presume). It was a STRONG first episode. I was imagining that Lee Min-ho‘s newest drama will be kind of flowery-studded one – instead of blood-drenched one (since he is the leader of flower boys himself ~good ol times :p) But prepare yourself for completely new image of him (in a hot & sexy way :D).

Yes, he plays as Lee Yoon-sung aka John Lee, who will sweep out all corruption in Seoul, thanks to his godfather who raise him as a professional killer.

Just imagine Lee Min-ho as Korean version of Bourne, the word S.E.X.Y is not enough to describe it ❤ Forget about his past roles, our man-boy has grown to a new level of hotness 😀 More