I Hear Your Voice – My Personal Review ^^

Finally I can drag my lazy a** to write again! Annyeongggg my long abandoned blog 😀


I watched this drama simply because I saw the trailer and it seemed so promising. Solving legal cases with super power ability sounds interesting and new in kdramaland.
Also Yoon Sang Hyun (he acted in Secret Garden as Oska) and Lee Jong Suk (his acting in School 2013 gained lots of praise) as the main casts, yum.


classic love triangle

And yes, the trailer didn’t disappoint me at all. The first episode was so strong and left a very deep impact. I know I must watch this drama, as it got me hooked right away, plus it’s another masterpiece by Dream High’s screenwriter. (I love Dream High!)

This is a courtroom legal drama, mixed with romantic comedy, seasoned with fantasy “super hero” theme and his full-of-hatred-and-revenge villain. It might be too much for some people, but complicated is my thing (^^,)
Expect some thrills along the way, but it blends very well with the comical elements, so no need to worry about “heavy and tense” atmosphere at all.

First scene opens in Park Soo Ha’s school, so one can think it’s another usual high school drama.


Park Soo Ha with his classmates

But as we ride throughout the journey, the story starts to unfold.
I love how it rolls seamlessly from present to past, describing the main casts’ history/relationship and their current states/jobs/lives.
Beautifully woven story, nicely executed. And I promise it will be as enjoyable as it is, until the final episode.
One of the strongest and satisfying finale in kdramaland nowadays.

Also, I find it impossible not to falling in love with the main characters.
Either for the heroine Jang Hye Sung, a thick-face, comical, sharp-tongued lawyer.
Or Park Soo Ha himself, our hero with super power ability (he can hear other people’s thoughts) who grew up without parents, but he made a sincere promise to protect the woman he love as a child (awwww… sweet puppy love T.T).
Or Cha Kwan Woo, a former detective who turns into lawyer because he has noble idealistic point of view.
Or even Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In, acted in Queen Seon Duk as MiSaeng), our ruthless villain and his possible history that turned him into his current “beast” state.


Min Joon Gook with Cha Kwan Woo

All of the characters have realistic traits/flaws, it feels like they’re “real” people. The actors and actresses did very great job in expressing them. Their acting levels are superb, and the chemistry are sooo great as well. Smartly written and casted!


young Hye Sung and her mom

What I love about this drama is, it delivers earnest messages about sincere love and trust, also how to be honest and brave and stick on to what you believe. It gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside, without being too overly preachy. The nuna – dongsaeng love relationship (as well as the classic triangle love) is also cute, without being too corny or delusional. Something I can relate to in my personal life.


cute couple

The musics are also great, really suit the drama mood. I’m currently listening to the OST while writing this. One of my favorite is by Jung Yeob (of Brown Eyed Soul) – Why Did You Just Came Now.


Park Soo Ha, our hero

Nevertheless, this drama is not THAT perfect. Sometimes it feels too draggy in some episodes, especially after the extensions were announced. There is also one boring theme that goes over and over again, but it’s all worth the wait because the ending is nearly perfect.
And I don’t understand why almost in every case on this show seem to revolve around the same lawyers, prosecutors and judges LOL


awkward trio

Overall, I can say this is a pretty great watch and fully entertaining. IT IS THAT GOOD.
As for the re-watch value, all detective and legal dramas aren’t fun to re-watch, are they?
But I have my personal favorite scenes and I might watch again later in the future 🙂


hahahaha ^^~


“I know why you’re anxious, and I know why you’re always preparing for a time without me. But even if that time comes, I won’t worry. Even when ten years had passed, I recognized you. When I lost my memories, when I had erased you, I came to love you again. Even if ten more years pass, if I lose my memories again, if that time you’re worried about comes… I’ll find you… and I’ll love you again.”

– Park Soo Ha




City Hunter: My Favorite K-Drama of 2011, yet!

Now I know what well-directed drama means (I’m so in love with PD Jin Hyuk!). Love this drama tone, love how it looks (I don’t even talk about Lee Min-ho!), love the story, love the conflicts, love the love rhombus!

Usual love rhombus: boring! Love rhombus with two hot men who are ready to kill each other with their cold piercing eyes: SUPER HOT!

Revenge for someone who hurts your family: a big NO NO. Vengeance for bad people who sacrifice weaklings for their own pleasure: OH YES I’m really buying it! This is what East of Eden should be like! I’m so glad that the tone becomes lighter when Lee Min-ho joins the cast, it suits him perfectly. More

City Hunter – First Impression

Now I present you… *drum rolls* the most awaited drama of the year (my version): City Hunter *yay!

When I watched the first episode I was quite surprised by the drama tone (my habit of not knowing anything before watching is quite useful I presume). It was a STRONG first episode. I was imagining that Lee Min-ho‘s newest drama will be kind of flowery-studded one – instead of blood-drenched one (since he is the leader of flower boys himself ~good ol times :p) But prepare yourself for completely new image of him (in a hot & sexy way :D).

Yes, he plays as Lee Yoon-sung aka John Lee, who will sweep out all corruption in Seoul, thanks to his godfather who raise him as a professional killer.

Just imagine Lee Min-ho as Korean version of Bourne, the word S.E.X.Y is not enough to describe it ❤ Forget about his past roles, our man-boy has grown to a new level of hotness 😀 More

Lie To Me – First Impression

I don’t know why I watch this drama on the first place because I don’t really like the female main lead Yoon Eun-hye. I get irritated every time she appears, which means lots of time! She plays as Gong Ah-jung, a nearly-30-something woman who works in civil ministries office. But on the first 3 episodes I couldn’t even see her walk straight. Either she’s been drunk or due to her ‘extremely’ high heels (or both)?? I don’t know which I resent more, Yoon Eun-hye or Gong Ah-jung, or maybe both?
This drama only focuses around her, which is my other complaint. There is not much scene about the male lead characters, Hyun Ki-joon (actor Kang Ji-hwan), or the second lead, Hyun Sang-hee (actor Sung Joon) for example. It just like this drama revolves around her and her only, and there is no relationship build-up whatsoever. Not a good thing. More

49 Days – Review

“Human beings’ hearts change…that’s their specialty. Forever? There’s no such thing. Love, then hate. Hot, then cold. Upset, then grateful. Full of resentment, then understanding.” – Sexy Scheduler

Cute Scheduler ^o^

I watched this drama purely because I’m interested to the story plot. I intended not to read any review beforehand so I didn’t set any expectation whatsoever. But it turns out to be AWESOME!

This drama is about the life (or should I say nearly afterlife) of two young women which happens to collide supernaturally. Shin Ji-hyun (actress – former singer Nam Gyu-ri), who lives seemingly perfect life, is going to be married in a week to Kang Min-ho (actor Bae Soo-bin). While Song Yi-kyung (actress Lee Yo-won) is a desperate young woman, who wants to end her life desperately. Their two different worlds collide when Song Yi-kyung try to commit suicide, hence resulting car accident to Shin Ji-hyun and make her falls into vegetative state.

However, Angel of Death (or in his own term, Scheduler) (actor Jung Il-woo) gives Shin Ji-hyun a second chance. She could continue her life if she can collect three ‘pure’ tears from her friends (family are excluded). Ji-hyun is allowed to borrow Yi-kyung’s body for 49 days (in order to collect those tears) without revealing her true identity.

The Funky Scheduler

While Ji-hyun makes every endeavor to gain her life (or body?) back, she founds out cruel truth about Kang Min-ho and her best friend, Shin In-jung (actress Seo Ji-hye), who are having affair behind her back all this time. More

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