Itazura na Kiss OST lyrics + translation (2nd ending)

Good stories always come with nice theme song ^_^

I like the 2nd ending theme song of Itazura na Kiss anime. The lyrics translation is also very romantic.

Jikan Yo Tomare (Stop The Time)

Azu feat. Seamo


kimi to sugosu toki atto iuma
kidzukeba de-to wa mou shuuban
hanaretakunai kaeritakunai
toki wo tomete zutto isshoni itai

terekakushi na serifu mo
mitsumeau shunkan mo
anata to iru jikan mo
tarinai kedo
saishuu densha miokuru made
nigiri shimete kureta te
sarigenai yasashisa ga ureshii yo

otogibanashi nara
sugu ni anata no iru asu e yukeru no ni …
every time, everyday, everything…
kotoba ni shinakute mo
anata wa watashi no tokubetsu na basho
moshi mo tatta hitotsu negai ga kanau nara
futari dake no jikan wo kamisama tomete yo … More

Itazura na Kiss anime review

Because I really like the Korean adaptation of this story, I couldn’t stop myself to watch and compare it with the anime version. And I love it too!! ❤

I love the anime version ending 😀    They have such a cute daughter, Irie Kotomi 🙂

My favorite episode is #24. When it’s time for Kotoko to deliver her baby, Naoki has an emergency case. But Kotoko supports him to continue his work, despite her own anxiety to have delivered the baby alone. It shows me how determined Kotoko really is. She knows her husband duty really well and supports him with all her might, even if she really needs her husband support at that time. Is that the power of love? I don’t think I could do that to my husband *LOL 😀 More

Playful Kiss, my personal review

Recently I was watching Playful Kiss (a.k.a Mischievous Kiss or Naughty Kiss), starred by Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. This is a Korean adaptation drama of really famous manga by Tada Kaoru, Itazura na Kiss. As you can see I get hooked to it as they made really lovely couple 🙂

The story plot itself is so Japanese, about an ordinary high school girl Oh Ha Ni, who falls in love head-over-heels with the perfect guy who excels in everything, Baek Seung Jo. Sounds like a cliché, but once you watch it, you will love Oh Ha Ni character so much – she is cute and adorable, though she has to struggle in everything she does. Also, cool guy like Baek Seung Jo is my all time favorite ^_^ Pair them together, and you’ll be addicted for sure 🙂 More