My new BB curve 9300

After so many times self-arguing and resisting, at last I bought my first ever Blackberry mobile, the most famous and best-selling cell phone in Indonesia. In accordance to my objection all this time, in a virtual trial between BB vs my state, I verdict this so-called ruby queen guilty as charge. It doesn’t mean my old love, Samsung Omnia Pro is a perrrfect guy, but I still in love with him after 1 year relationship and it made me heartbroken to separate with this guy 😦

My new ruby-studded lady

  • Color : ruby red (I love the color, and the name “ruby” makes it even better)
  • Keyboard : distance among buttons is okay (my old guy is too cramped), but I hate the hardness and it feels lots too plastic
  • Rubbery back casing : check (my palms get sweaty all the time)
  • Screen wide : check
  • Track pad : love it!More