Drama Rating

Dramas which have been posted on this blog is rated based on my personal review, but I try my best to rate it objectively. Cast and storyline are the main factors of course, but additional categories such as fashion and hair style, soundtracks, surprise factor and kind of emotions it gave me, do add up 🙂

To put it on the list :

  • Cast / Acting / Character development
  • Storyline
  • Fashion and hair style
  • Soundtracks
  • Surprise factors
  • Emotions


Recommended K-drama

  • 49 days
    (4.5 stars out of 5)

    This is a story about second chance. Shin Ji-Hyun (actress Nam Gyu-ri) is given a chance to “live again” if she could obtain ‘pure tears’ from 3 people. She is forced to face the ugly truth, where her fiance and her best friend are having affairs and plotting to destroy her father company. Having no one to trust anymore, she learns about Han Kang’s sincere love for her all this time. But despite her impossible jobs to get her life back, she still concerns about her host, Song Yi-kyung (actress Lee Yo-won). You can call it melodrama, but it really touches your heart and gives you warm feeling. The story flows seamlessly and gets you flabbergasted till the end. This is a very well-written story!


  • The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry
    (4.5 stars out of 5)

    This is one of my favorite “all-in” drama. It will make you laugh, it can warm your heart, yet it makes you think about your life and life’s point of view with different perspectives. Kim Bum’s acting as Ha Min-jae is very natural here, surpassing his Boys Before Flowers acting. He also had great chemistry with Park Jin-hee (as Lee Shin-young). The trio is awesome. They represent several kind of ‘unusual’ relationships problems. I hope I could have BFF like that 🙂 What I love is, the story doesn’t revolve only in the main lead’s life but also in second and third lead’s as well. You can consider it as ‘light’ drama but you will get ‘something’ from watching it 😀 No heavy atmosphere or emotional pressure at all, guaranteed!

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