City Hunter: My Favorite K-Drama of 2011, yet!

Now I know what well-directed drama means (I’m so in love with PD Jin Hyuk!). Love this drama tone, love how it looks (I don’t even talk about Lee Min-ho!), love the story, love the conflicts, love the love rhombus!

Usual love rhombus: boring! Love rhombus with two hot men who are ready to kill each other with their cold piercing eyes: SUPER HOT!

Revenge for someone who hurts your family: a big NO NO. Vengeance for bad people who sacrifice weaklings for their own pleasure: OH YES I’m really buying it! This is what East of Eden should be like! I’m so glad that the tone becomes lighter when Lee Min-ho joins the cast, it suits him perfectly. More


City Hunter – First Impression

Now I present you… *drum rolls* the most awaited drama of the year (my version): City Hunter *yay!

When I watched the first episode I was quite surprised by the drama tone (my habit of not knowing anything before watching is quite useful I presume). It was a STRONG first episode. I was imagining that Lee Min-ho‘s newest drama will be kind of flowery-studded one – instead of blood-drenched one (since he is the leader of flower boys himself ~good ol times :p) But prepare yourself for completely new image of him (in a hot & sexy way :D).

Yes, he plays as Lee Yoon-sung aka John Lee, who will sweep out all corruption in Seoul, thanks to his godfather who raise him as a professional killer.

Just imagine Lee Min-ho as Korean version of Bourne, the word S.E.X.Y is not enough to describe it ❤ Forget about his past roles, our man-boy has grown to a new level of hotness 😀 More

Big Bang – Cafe [Lyrics + Romanization + Translation]

[Daesung] [G-Dragon] [Taeyang] [TOP] [Seungri]
[TOP] I remember
when you walked through that door
Sat down on that chair
The times we shared
But you’ve been here 
네가 앉아있던 그 하얀 의자만이
[G-Dragon] nega anjaitdeon geu hayan uijamani

네 향기를 기억하고
ne hyanggireul gieokhago

네가 떠난 후로 차가운 정적만이
nega tteonan huro chagaun jeongjeongmani

널 기다리고 있는 작은 카페
neol gidarigo inneun jageun kape

[GD] Only the chair I sat in
remembers my scent
After you left cold silence,
A small café that is waiting for you More

Bibimbap Recipe

For today’s recipe I will post about bibimbap, which reminds me of one famous scene from Full House (2004). On that drama, Han Ji-eun (Song Hye-kyo) was eating bibimbap (literally means mixed rice) when she was mocked by Lee Young-jae (Bi Rain), her ‘fake’ mega-star husband, for eating ‘commoner’ food. But the latter turns out to like it as well. *LOL* 😀

my version of bibimbap

Ingredients :

  • Cooked rice
  • A package of bean sprouts
  • A package of spinach
  • One small carrot
  • 200 grams of ground beef
  • Gochujang (Korean hot pepper paste)
  • Soy sauce, salt, sesame oil, garlic, green onion, sesame seeds, pepper and vegetable oil

How to cook :

  1. Cook rice, you can use rice cooker to make it easier.
  2. Rinse your bean sprouts (3 times) then put them in a pot of boiling water. Add a pinch of salt and boil them for about 7 minutes. Drain water and saute with sesame oil, 2 cloves of minced garlic and a pinch of salt. (Do not overcook.) Put them on a large platter. More

Lie To Me – Final Review

Phewww.. finally I finish watching this lousy supposed-to-be-funny-and-exciting drama >_<”  I only endure it till the end because Kang Ji-hwan is here >.<

Really, what is wrong with the script writer? You have the best chemistry you could get, with professional actors it could be, but you screw it all just like that!

I won’t give any recaps here, because the story itself is simple ordinary enough. I will ruin your “fun” if I write it here.
Things I like

  • I envy the chemistry between Yoon Eun-hye and Kang Ji-hwan. They do look good together and their acting is so natural. Cute ❤
  • I like how their relationship is growing. This is my ideal type of relationship. You have to communicate well in order to know each other better. You get not only the serious part, but also the fun part.

Things I don’t like

  • The story only focuses on the main characters. I thought Sang-hee and Yoon-ju will play ‘important’ part of the story, but they don’t. Disappointing!
  • The conflict isn’t developed. You only get one big-fat-lie from beginning till end. Boring! (lots of fake unimportant conflict, though) More

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