I Met GD&TOP and Seungri at F1 S’pore Grand Prix 2011!! ^o^

When I read blog post on bigbangupdates about GD&TOP and Seungri who will perform at F1 S’pore GP 2011 concert I was like “woot… woot… they are so close, they’re only 2 hrs away!!! omo omo omo….” >_< So I decided quickly that I HAVE to watch their concert, because I believe opportunity doesn’t always come twice.

I started to plan my journey: I bought airplane tickets (BDO – SGP – BDO), booked a hostel (almost fully booked everywhere!) and bought Friday walkabout ticket for Zone 4 (Padang area). I even arranged my leave of absence with my workplace. The only problem is I didn’t have any company, so I contacted BBi admins and luckily some of them would be going too, so it was all settled without any difficulties πŸ˜€

Airplane tix: checked. Proof of hostel booking: checked. Concert tix payment receipt: checked. Camera: checked. Passport and money: checked. Water bottle: checked. That’s all I need, really.

This is my FIRST time watching concert at this quite HUGE scale, ABROAD, ALONE. I was excited and anxious at the same time. I really couldn’t sleep well for 2 days before my departure (yeah I know, I feel like a kindergarten who will be going to the zoo for the first time >_<)


I depart from BDO at 7.30 WIB (8.30 AM SGT). I meet BBi admins (3 girls) at Changi airport. From the airport we go to the hostels. My hostel (Tree In Lodge) is located at Tan Quee Lan St, only 3 mins walking from Bugis MRT station, which is only 1 station away from the concert venue (City Hall).

After check in, I go to Swissotel Stamford Hotel to collect my concert ticket. Lots of Caucasians in every corners of Singapore!

zone 4 walkabout tix

Starving, I go to Orchard Rd to buy my favorite dishes in Singapore, fishball noodles πŸ˜€ Around 8 PM SGT, my friends ask me if I would join them to the airport, because they presume GDTOPVI will arrive tonight. Of course I’d love to! Β We meet around 10 PM at Changi MRT Station. There are 3 other groups of fans beside us. We wait in T2 until midnight but no luck that day 😦 It turns out that they’re coming with last plane at T3! So SAD 😦 😦 😦


We’re planning to queue from 9 AM. But other fans think the same, so we’re not the first one arrive at the venue. They will provide 2000 fanzone wristbands which will be distributed at 3 PM. 6 hrs of waiting under Singapore’s unfriendly sun!

queuing for fanzone wristband

Around 11 AM we hear GDTOPVI doing their rehearsals. Seungri is so cute as he screams his voice out. I can tell that he is very excited for tonight’s concert πŸ˜€ TOP’s voice is as sexy as usual but GD’s is not clearly audible.

Two of my friends go to Fairmont Hotel, and they SEE GDTOPVI after rehearsals!! So ENVY of them, but nothing I can do about that! >_< After they come back to the queue, me and the other friend go to Fairmont. We wait for about one and a half hour but still no luck (T.T) We rush our way back to the queue because the gate will be opened soon, when we stumble across a group of security officers (I bet they’re going to GDTOPVI’s place T.T).

We manage to get our fanzone wristbands but I feel so EXHAUSTED and DEHYDRATED. I only eat breads for breakfast (at 8 AM) and some biscuits for lunch @_@ I run to the hostel for a quick shower, buy lunch/dinner (bread again) and come back around 5 PM. The sun still shines brightly, really HATE it right now!

the stage

We wait and wait and wait for ETERNITY long and finally the gate to the fanzone is opened at 7 PM! The best part is, I’m in the FRONT ROW (well, front and a half). But the worst thing is… we still have to wait another 4 hrs before GDTOPVI’s performances! The first to perform is Charice. Her voice is beautiful but I don’t really enjoy her performance because you-know-why!


After more than 14 hrs of waiting, finally DJ Murf opens the performance with remix songs from Big Bang and 2NE1. 10 mins of wasted time in my opinion 😦

AT LAST…. at 11.20 PMΒ Seungri comes out, yay….!! πŸ˜€ He is so handsome in black suit, slim black tie, cute corsage and his Louboutin sneakers.

“So, let’s have some fun, Singapore!” ~says baby panda.

He sings “VVIP“, “Strong Baby” and “What Can I Do“. His dance performances is OMG super AWESOME! He is so SEXY and has grown charismatic despite his maknae -ness. I couldn’t believe he is the same person who almost failed at becoming Big Bang’s member! He is so surprisingly cute and pleasant in person that I like him so much now ❀ ❀ ❀

The dynamic duo GD&TOP is up next. Every fangirls are shouting hysterically when they come out! (including me :D) It’s a STRONG and DYNAMIC performance! They sing “Knock Out“, “Oh Yeah” and “High High“.

TOP is VERY handsome. He is tall, lean, perfectly sculpted and ALMOST GODLIKE. He has new hair color (although in my personal opinion, it doesn’t suit his complexion very well) and is wearing colorful suit, his signature glasses, big red lips necklace (like the one he wore in High High M/V) and of course, Louboutin sneakers. He is like a very strong MAGNET that every girls feel a strong GRAVITY PULL towards him! (including me :D)

While GD is very ENERGETIC. He couldn’t really stay still in one place for too long that I couldn’t manage to get a clear picture of him 😦 He is wearing colorful long coat with a matching T-shirt, as well as sunglasses and another pair of Louboutin sneakers (are they a fan?). He sings Park Bom’s parts on High High which doesn’t go well (in my ears), but I still like him though.

The three of them really enjoy themselves on stage. TOP is beat-boxing and he hugs GD while sings “High High”. GD and Seungri are speaking in English, cute~ ^o^

After 6 songs, GDTOPVI end their performance and we all shout like crazy for “encore.. encore.. encore…!!” Of course, they already prepared encore song, “How Gee“. GD changes his long coat into white towel, which he throws away to the longing crowd (I’m sure there is a bloody scene there :p).

Sadly, their encore comes to an end too 😦 😦 😦 But it was one of the best 40 minutes of my life ^o^

My friends are planning to continue the idol-stalking to Avalon, because GDTOPVI are heading there with DJ Murf. But finally it is decided that we’ll meet up again inΒ Fairmont at dawn. Around 3.30 AM, I arrive at Fairmont and my friends are nowhere to be seen. Luckily there are 2 groups of fans already waiting there, so I join them instead. There is a white van arrives and all of us go crazy! But false alarm, it’s only the dancers 😦

We wait again. All eyes are staring to the street and every single car that stops there. My head is spinning,Β clamoringΒ for some sleep. I really need to rest but I say to myself, “This is your chance to meet them directly, don’t waste ’em!“. And I’m so grateful that I stay, because around 4.30 AM a black Mercedez arrive with GD and Seungri inside!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! GD is still wearing his concert outfits and so does Seungri. Poor GD looks exhausted and he ignores all of us, but Seungri still manages to give us FAINT SMILE πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ gomawo baby panda, saranghae! ❀ I couldn’t manage to take good pics because my hands are trembling, and so many security officers there 😦 TOP is nowhere to be seen, so we’re still waiting.

Approximately 10 minutes later, another white van arrives and Boram (Taeyang’s manager) emerges, along with none other than TOP!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! My hearts starts to pound rapidly. He is SO HANDSOME! His tall figure is almost godlike as he’s wearing his favorite John Galliano’s red jacket. Poor TOP looks so exhausted too. I’m trying to take pictures but his manager points his hands at me so I stop. We are mesmerized by him, so we only watch quietly as he walks inside the hotel. O.M.G! I feel like I’m prepared to die that moment, like I’ve accomplished everything in my life! (Just kidding, God, this is me being hyperbolic :D)

Anyway, I won’t ever forget this experiences, being less than 5 meters from Big Bang, twice within 24 hrs πŸ˜€ Thanks God ^o^


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